Part One

Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal (Part One)

Reflection 12/06

ContactSheet- Self Portraits.jpgToday we were introduced to a Self Portrait project to start the course.  I was feeling slightly nervous as well as excited because this is our first project. In the brief we were given some starting points that could inspire some initial photos. I was most intrigued by using body language and facial expressions because I felt that it would be the most personal and representative way to communicate my emotions. My partner started taking some close up pictures of my face and then we moved on to some full body shots, I realized after looking through those pictures that just using my face and body would make it more difficult to conceptualize my vision but during this time my partner and I warmed up to each other and I was feeling more comfortable and experimental. We continued to take photos as we explored the building. Overall I quite liked many of the pictures we took because of the spontaneous and natural qualities of them given they were taken quickly and in a unplanned environment, almost like documentary pictures.  At the end of the day I printed out a contact sheet of my pictures and selected the strongest and most interesting. There were a series of images of when I decided to put a clear bin liner over my head. I was thinking of how dangerous doing that could be and that throughout our lives we are warned about suffocation but at the same time that risk can be exciting and erotic. This brief challenged us to be unique and push boundaries and I feel that suffocating myself represented my emotions of today in a slightly dramatic and extreme way which I feel are characteristics I have throughout my work and personality. I have always loved the duality of danger and excitement and I feel their coexistence is something I will continue to explore in my work. Tonight and tomorrow during class I need to select the best images and edit them, I also want to consider layout and potentially use more than one picture to create a storyline. (Image attached is the contact sheet of my initial selection of photos)

Reflection 21/06

Last night I filled in some sketchbook pages and thought about my concept. I have come away from trying to show a development of sins instead I'm promoting a club night at the church which is an all inclusive party which welcomes 'sinners'  into the church in an effort to make religion appeal more to the sinning freaks and weirdos. I am much more satisfied with this concept because it is less alienating towards the church which I think follows the brief better as it is a celebration of Archway and the idea of broadening the church's reach is actually a goal of Christianity. So I am designing from the perspective of a clergyman someone who has only ever seen club culture from the outside. My designs are satirical and exaggerated. For the poster design I've used the infamous Comic Sans font which is the epitome of bad taste in fonts and I feel is often used by teachers and adults desperately trying to appeal to children similar to how I (a late middle aged clergyman) want my church party to appeal to those CSM students down the road. I've also used some Blackletter fonts because they are often seen in Bibles most famously the Gutenberg Bible which uses the Blackletter Textualis font designed and carved by Johannes Gutenberg. All day I developed designs and have selected which invite and poster I want to take further as my final. The invite is similar to that of home made underground raves and parties, the shapes and colors have been taken the still life I used for workshop on Monday, I was thinking that that the clergyman  let the youth group design the invitations so the whole church could be involved which is why I kept them simple and childish but like I mentioned previously they are also similar to other club invites by Michael Alig and James St. James. Tonight I want finalize the insignia of the club and work in my research images to the sketchbook. 

Reflection 23/06

Today I wanted to think about what my final development could be for this project. In the crit the group identified a work which was lacking a purpose or a place in the world- what is the intention of the work? was asked. I recognized this in that person's work but today I recognized it in mine. Yes my poster and invite have a literal  purpose but they didn't show what I wanted to present the most which was the interaction between the church and the 'sinners'. My concept for this project comes from the slightly funny and unexpected clash of taking a church and turning it into a club for freaks. The posters show more of the club side and uses some religious imagery and allusions but doesn't really show that interaction. What would happen at a party where Leigh Bowery dances with  the Archbishop Of Canterbury? And for example in clubs such as Studio 54 it was exactly interactions like that which made it so successful and storied, Liza Minelli would be sitting next to the Governor of New York who would be talking to Candy Darling a transexual Warhol Superstar. During my research I was reading some of the columns by Michael Musto who documented the nightlife and club scene of New York throughout the 80s and 90s he was at all the best parties and was friends with the biggest club kids and promoters and his column always plainly and sometimes viciously laid out the best gossip and happenings from each party.  So now I want to display with the poster and invite a little column about the happenings of the night in St. John. All together this will show an effort to reach out to the community and the interaction and communication between two very different and often opposing groups. But at the end of the day they are quite similar, the same way one person may go to church to feel loved and be a part of a communal family another person may go out to a club dressed in a houndstooth gimp suit and feel at home and loved by their community. 

Reflection 26/06

Today I worked in a print workshop, we were doing a kind of mono-printing. I was trying to develop imagery which could be printed but I was struggling to pick something that I felt had nuance and was interesting. I think I was hung up on working 2D knowing that I wanted to move it to 3D in an outcome. I then decided I wanted to make a very simple print of three waving black lines to represent a unrecognizable or defeated tricolor flag which can represent republicanism, liberty, and most importantly revolution. This design is very simple but I think it is poignant, because it recalls a time when people were fighting for their freedom and over throwing malignant governments which is what needs to happen now. I also experimented with printing text which I don't think is as successful, initially I wanted to print a revised version of the US Constitution preamble which reflects the current times, but after exploring small text samples I was not happy with the look of the mono printing. This project's focus is material and technique development and experimentation. Right now I am most interested in my interaction with the material while developing the initial interaction into ideas of touch and sensory awareness for me and the audience to experience in through the process of recording. 


Today I was in the casting and stitch workshops. I have never done very much casting before  so I was excited to explore and learn about the process. We first took imprints if textures outside or in the studio and then covered them in plaster to get a positive of the texture. I used some wire to make a grind shape, a pipe to get a circular indent and sand paper to get a rough surface texture. I was focusing on the process but was trying to consider my article from the newspapers and work with my themes of isolation and protection. So the grid and circular shapes looked similar to a map or atlas. We also used a vacuum mold to create a form to pour concrete in, but my mound wasn’t successful and had several holes in it which didn’t allow me to fill with concrete. But I enjoyed the process of vacuum molding in its self and was impressed by the detail it can accomplish. I watched my peers use the concrete and helped make a cast. What I enjoy most about casting is by using plaster or concrete the aesthetic it portrays is of security and strength and permanence. Concrete was invented by the Romans and it allowed them to become the empire it was and has preserved the history and impact of Roman times because of how lasting concrete is, it’s just amazing. I’m very interested in using it again in the future.


In the afternoon I went to the stitch studio, I am very familiar with sewing but have never been able to experiment with the knitting machines so I decided to work on them for the rest of the day and revel in my lack of know-how. The carriage I was given was a bit wacky and kept catching the yarn and ruining the knit, but I got another one and had less problems. I then started growing the knit two stitches at a time, and then dropping stitches, and changing the yarn to get stripes. I’ve never really enjoyed textile and knit design but I do enjoy the speed of producing with a knitting machine and I really enjoy the technicality of using them. Because I worked with concrete in the morning I couldn’t help but think of the opposing qualities of knit and casting, one is so hard and rough and the other so soft and limp. 


Today we had studio time and a photoshop induction. I worked on some planning for my Pecha Kucha and continued research on practitioners and my ‘heroes’. Tomorrow I want to have a quick glance back at Celebrating Archway to make sure it’s ready for submission Thursday. We seem to have a bit of a slower period the past two days, so I am enjoying the opportunity to work a little slower and methodical. I can lay a good foundation for the Pecha Kucha that will make it easier to finish in the following weeks. The photoshop induction was fast but informative, I learned some new things which I will need to try to remember. Photoshop is dauntingly complex but an amazing tool worth learning. 

Drawing Video of YSL

Reflection 04/07- Drawing

Scan 2018-7-5 19.05.44.jpg

Today we had a short lecture on the importance of drawing. We started with a fast activity to try and fill 30 circles in 3 mins, it is apparently a way to test creativity and get your mind thinking quicker, it can be practiced and you begin to draw certain things more detailed but still quickly. I really enjoyed this, I have done it before in a previous course, I'm always interested in seeing what others do, sometimes many people do the same things in the same circles because of a similar thought process. Drawing is a very essential practice which can be seen in all places, it is the primary way to communicate  something in your head to others. I feel that drawing in the art and design community is overrated. Often so much importance and expectation is placed on drawing it becomes dreaded. I don't believe there is anything such as a bad drawing, there are observational drawings that are less accurate but still show a flow of thought from eye to hand and that is what is important. There can be better drawings but you cant sit down and say 'I am going to make the best drawing ever' it will come naturally and when you least expect it. I think the most important is to just draw often. Draw to entertain yourself, draw to communicate, draw instead of writing, etc. Many creatives draw to learn and be inspired, to communicate their ideas and explain details. But I often think the most interesting drawings are fast sketches done in the moment. Anytime I see a famous designer or artist's developmental sketches or initial designs, something that is fast and wasn't made to be presented. There is a clip of a very young Yves Saint Laurent while he was still at Dior quickly sketching a dress on a black board, he does it in a few mins and it is very simple but beautifully shows a classic Dior dress, I think that is the ultimate form drawing. 

Reflection 10/07

Today we developed some of the ideas we came up with yesterday after our initial brainstorm. As I said in yesterday’s reflection I’m hesitant to spend too much time producing work given that tomorrow we will have an object from the CSM museum collection which will change our ideas. So instead of working together to produce outcomes we spent most of the day chatting about what we want out of this project, what we enjoy doing, who inspires us, etc. This is an important project to me, I think of myself as someone who can work well with others and bring the best out of individuals, which is a needed skill in Creative Direction as well as any position in the arts and design field. I’ve learned a lot about my partner; he has studied history and enjoys working in a range of mediums and styles. He becomes very focused on specific ideas but will let them develop and change which is similar to how I work and is a great way of working. In I think these last two days have mostly been about getting to know each other. We had a tutorial and got some brief feed back about the idea of an installation which will then be used as a photo shoot set, we also presented some initial research work, all the feed back was good, though we could experiment more. Tonight we have planned to do some research of practitioners  and will see what happens tomorrow in the museum.

Reflection 12/07

Today we reconvened and discussed our concept to see is anything has changed or developed. We've changed our mind about scale, we were initially thinking something around a meter but now think we should aim till fill the space of a two meter cube. Yesterday i suggested we look at Eve Hesse and Robert Smith, both focused on process and let the materials they used dictate shape and form. I brought in some materials which all have quite contrasting qualities, grey Milton which is a felted wool used to make those red fox hunting coats, latex, millinery crine or horsehair, bleached cotton, and polyester chiffon. To begin with we cut out a star to use as a block and then cut out stars from each of the materials and began deconstructing and reconstructing and then hanging them up. We wanted the object to be 3D and be interactive in the space it is placed in, our collaboration and work together is fast paced and exciting our different specializations  work well together but also clash so we want the outcome to be engaging and dynamic. The experiments went very well! each fabric draped and hanged differently and made different shapes when we reconstructed them and hung them. We found the chiffon and Milton to be the most successful, the other fabrics either lacked that dynamic and outgoing shape we were looking for or felt too simplistic. The chiffon looks ephemeral, the shapes floating peacefully but active enough in the space to command attention and investigation. But going back to how we got the star, from our countries,  we thought the work needed a solidness and have a feeling of permanence so in the end we decided on the wool Milton. Also we looked at possibly drawing a tartan print on the star in white tailoring chalk, this will link the outcome to the object more visually and highlight Galliano's passion for tailoring. Tonight we are going to catch up our sketchbooks and make sure we are happy with our direction, I will go buy four meters of Milton to sew together to make a two meter star. 


Today was the final day to work on the Co Create project. Things went incredibly smooth. In the morning we cut and draped the star, decided on the shape took the most time, as we experimented earlier in the project we didn't repeat the same shapes when we cut the star but we noted which ones looked the best, weather we liked raw or clean cut edges and if we liked sharp lines or rounded shapes. We ended up liking clean edges and a mixture of sharp lines and some rounded shapes, where we tacked the individual shapes together was very important if we connected edge to edge it would look like a poorly put together puzzle and be totally flat, so to get some three dimensionality we tacked pieces together in the middle so the edges could fall and drape. We then started experimenting with putting in darts and gatherings in the shapes which gave it a much more dynamic look and it looked more considered as it took time to understand the placement and extent of how much we should tailor the object. In the afternoon the photoshoot went well but not as good as I had hoped, I poured most of my time and attention into the object so the photoshoot took a back seat. But it is an interesting shoot and I think I will use it as a starting point for the photoshoot next Friday with the professional photographer. 

Reflection 13/06

Today I selected which image I wanted to develop and edit for submission. I looked through and quickly annotated the first images I selected yesterday to help make my decision. I ended up choosing three images from the series of pictures of me with the bin liner because they feel the most honest and vulnerable, to me my emotions from the first day are clear and obvious in these images. But the range of my emotions from yesterday couldn't be captured in one image, in the morning I was nervous to start the course and meet my peers, then after the briefing I was excited to get to work and as the day progressed I was happy with the direction of my work and felt happy to be back, so I chose three images to edit and create a triptych. I decided to develop a triptych not only to show the range of my emotions but the drama and expressions of the images seem slightly religious with the last image of me removing the bin liner looking very similar to the expression of St. Teresa in Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa. I spent several hours editing all the images, I didn't touch-up any blemishes as I wanted to keep the rawness and the intimacy of imperfections. I only adjusted the brightness and tonal qualities of the images to try and get a more natural and white lighting look. I found that I really liked the contrast of the white light reflections on the plastic which obscured my face but still adds to the emotions of conflict and nervousness. I also experimented with a black and white version with even more contrast but I feel the cool pink color of my skin tone gives the images the right amount of life. I am pleased with my work today, these images represent me honestly but not in full. These images are stark and cold when I am often quite colorful and playful. They represent my introspective and thoughtful side most and less so my adventurous and spontaneous side.

Reflection 18/06

I was absent the last two sessions so I am just now starting the second project, Celebrating Archway. I got to pick a location in Archway which I will research and then develop a fashion communication/creative direction project on. I've picked the Victorian church, St. Johns the Evangelist, because I find religion and the community of faith foreign and interesting as I've grown up in an atheist household and have had very little exposure to the ceremony of church.   In the morning we were put in our specialist groups and got to present our work and have a conversation about our ideas, this was very helpful for me because I got to hear what the other students have done over the weekend and ask about the brief and their initial ideas. Everyone in my group seems to be going in very different directions so I feel that the brief is more open than I first thought. I started research on my location and decided I wanted to somehow show the evolution of sins. I think the religion's biggest problem today is relating to modern times and staying relevant and during the Victorian Era, when this church was built, Darwin wrote  On The Origin Of Species which introduced the theory of evolution to the world and started one of the biggest debates between science and religion to this day so I want to combine the two and visualize the evolution of religion. To show this concept and bring it to creative direction I've decided to turn the church into a club venue and focus on club promotion because the Victorian Era introduced new concepts of modesty and moral living which I think ultimately resulted in worse behavior such as partying and using prostitutes. My peers have started their research already and have begun making photo collages and observational sketches of their location which I need to do to help develop more design ideas and get more familiar with my building. I'm still not sure what my final outcome will be, for club promotion I think I will explore poster and invitation design and maybe some styling and fashion photography which can go on the posters or invites. The afternoon session was exciting because it was fast responses that weren't thought out so they feel more natural and genuine but I need to somehow bring them to my project and develop them into something that I can use. I still feel behind and need to catch up with my primary research as well. 


Reflection 20/06

Today I was working a bit slow but my concept is still exciting and ideas are still coming to me. After Monday's quick response workshop I decided to develop each page into different aspects of promotion. I have started developing club posters, show invitations, a logo/insignia, and print design which can be used in styling or spacial design. I have decided to do so much now so I can explore the most possibilities as I can, I am still unsure of the exact final outcome but I am trying to just keep working and revising till I find what I think is strongest. I feel like the posters and invitation design development is going well, it is based off of relevant research and is connected to my concept but I am unsure how to bring them toward creative direction for fashion. I need to re read the brief and continue you development of my practical work as well as do more research which could help me define the direction I can take this project.

Reflection 22/06

Had a tutorial this morning and was told that there is a bit of a disconnect between my work and my concept mostly due to the lack of research images and references in my sketchbook. I then had a workshop all morning which was very informative but I was distracted trying to think about how I can get my work into a position that I'm happy to present it. I worked over lunch and the first hour of the afternoon session mostly just finalizing the poster design which is the image I decided to present for the crit. For the crit we were in groups of three my partners said that my concept was exciting but a little complicated but what I thought was the most alarming was that it doesn't really show my specialization and has become more graphic design. After the crit to get some  guidance I had a mini tutorial and decided I need to make the concept more clear and add something that is more towards creative direction. I think I've put a lot of work into the physical side of the project Saturday I will take a break from making and think how to improve the project and the finish what is left to do on Sunday. 

Reflection 25/06

This morning we had a hurried crit focused on the work we completed over the weekend for Celebrating Archway. I presented my new nightlife column called "The Holy Voice" which is written from the perspective of a religious community writer. The group did not look at my work but the themes of purpose and  place continued to be the main conversation points in this crit, similar to the last one. This project demanded purpose as it is developed from something in a community and will eventually be presented in a publication. the purpose of my project is to bring light to the kind of humorous similarities between what are usually two very divided and opposing groups, the church and partying club goers.


After the crit we were introduced to the new project brief, Hand Made. So far I feel this project is the most open and unlimited, it focuses on material research and experimentation. I have been inspired by the current trend of political and economic isolation through a current wave of nationalism. I think right now that this xenophobic nationalistic wave disguised as healthy and fair populism is one of the biggest social and political issues today. Currently in the US, migrant families who have illegally crossed the border are being pulled apart and unfairly separated and detained. Italy has been turning away migrants and just today the President of Turkey has been reelected securing his position as the country's corrupted and power hungry leader slowly tearing down its democracy. I think this issue is very important to bring attention to but because it is so heavy and complicated I think many people are choosing to ignore it and rationalize, so I want to do this project which can start a conversation but also be approachable and visually interesting while addressing some political issues more subtly. For the first small outcome I quickly made a large hat out of newspaper. Throughout this week we are using different mediums to produce outcomes and Ive decided to produce hats for each outcome because they are representative of protection and also often obscure or hide the wearers identity which I think relates to my theme as people have lost sight on their real identity through fear and manipulation. By having the same outcome for each material it will give me a base line and have cohesion between materials and outcomes. The initial outcome for each material will be a hat but the material's qualities  might develop a hat into something else, it is purely a starting point. During a fast crit at the end of the day my newspaper hat got some good feedback. It was suggested that I keep the outcome possibilities more open than to just hats, but I should also keep the grandeur and vulgarness of the hat, overall it was received well. Tomorrow I will produce another outcome but I also need to focus of sketchbook development. the growth and documentation of this project is very important. Id also like to explore manipulated newspapers on the body to show a deeper exploration of the material's purpose and usage.

Reflection 29/06

This morning I worked in the plastics workshop. I bought thin acrylic and used the heat gun to melt it some and be able to shape it. This process is harder than I thought, the plastic can be a little stubborn and difficult it realize a specific design. Im sure with time it is something that can be accomplished. I did enjoy using the plastic and I think its promising material to use in the future, either as a design or as a structural aspect in a design. In the afternoon we had mini group tutorials to go  over what we've done this week. After the tutorial I realized I understood the brief partially incorrectly. In the beginning I tried to really build up a strong concept and then slightly molded each workshop to the concept, whereas I should have just focused on the making and recording of each workshop more. If I had to do this project again I would have tried to be even more experimental and visually show the process more, I often get caught up in the making and forget to take process pictures. I enjoyed the knitting workshop the most, I think I was the most experimental when I was knitting, but I think I will take what I've done further. Id like to try knitting larger pieces and maybe get a more complicated pattern. I think overall people felt kind of lost in this brief. I stated in a earlier reflection that this is the most open brief we've had which might have been a bit daunting. 

Reflection 2/07

Sunday in anticipation of my progress tutorial I  worked to make sure all the projects are completed in my sketchbook and my workflow is up to date. Today my tutorial went very well, the main critique was that my development could be a little clearer and further explored. I seem to jump to some conclusions and don't show my thinking processes in full. Though with the reflective writing I think evidence of my thoughts and working process is the most present it has ever been. So its just exploring it visually in my sketchbook, something very doable.  Overall it felt like I am doing well and am going in the right direction. I want to work on my Pecha Kucha tomorrow before we get assigned more projects, I am actually very excited for the Pecha Kucha as I think it is something I could do very well if I am organized and practice the script. I have always loved presenting and speaking to groups so this is going to be a fun project for me. 


The focus for today was drawing. In the morning, using objects to create a story we posed for still life drawings and drew other group's posing in a still life. I really enjoyed creating a story from nothing, because it tests creativity and fast thinking skills, and when in a group it shows the dynamic and personalities of the individuals. It was also very interesting to watch the other groups try to quickly build a story, it shows the massive importance of group work, in instances like this where it is very basic initial idea development, being in a group can instantly spark hundreds of more ideas than what one person can do. Even more beautiful is a group that works well together, the ability to build off of someone else's ideas and encourage each other's development can be very helpful. In the afternoon we focused on learning with an object. asking many in depth questions to understand the object more and then to take the answers further and let them help you develop a concept. We eventually used an object in a performance. I had a small antique stool which could fold up quite compactly. Because it was so small and old I was very interested in how it was supposed to support someones weight as a stool but in reality it wouldn't support someone even slightly heavy. The performance was a very fast response but helped me think of the object more abstractly and without trying it came toward fashion styling. Both my partner and I started placing the stool on our body, trying it as a hat or bag, and eventually as some kind of neck brace accessory which we felt looked the strongest because it shows the abstract shape of the stool. It hangs from my ears, it moves and is dynamic, also it looks kind of medical which is always a lovely look. Plastic surgery chic. 

Reflection 06/07

Today we worked with the same object as yesterday to develop a story board and create another performance. It was interesting to have an object dictate so much of your work. I struggled with attaching the concept we thought up to actually producing a performance. In the end our final performance was about how much we disliked the object and thought it didn't fulfill its purpose. Ultimately I was also struggling with bringing the past two day's work to drawing.  This was supposed to be a drawing workshop and other than the two-minute still lives it was mostly concept development and performance. I would have liked to think of drawing as performance, like Rebecca Horn's pencil mask, the interaction of body and medium with the paper and surrounding is very performative. I need to catch up my sketchbook and think of some ways to bring drawing into the work we've just done. 

Reflection 09/07

This is the beginning of the Co Create project. I have been partnered with Sam who is a fine artist. We went through the different tasks with each other's objects and chatted about our inspirations and work we have done. I really want to get to know who he is and his style so we can work together to make something. I think the mix of creative direction and fine art is a really good. Creative direction I feel often focuses on the end outcome, there is development but usually it is about the final image where as fine artists are very explorative and experimental at all stages of their work and have a special attention to details and often a tactility about their work. Together we could produce a beautifully presented and creative outcome that has a thought out and experimental concept. Even after a day of working with my partner I have begun to approach this project differently than what I would do if I was a lone or with someone else in a fashion discipline. While exploring the objects I would set them up in some kind of collection like from smallest to largest take a picture and then want to move on to another collection, where as my partner wanted to then put the objects in different size collections and try putting them all inside of each other. I was focused on exploring the concept of different groupings and how many ways the objects all relate to each other where as Sam wanted to explore them more individually. This goes back to my focus on producing many final images and my partner looking at many experiments, both ways are valid but both can learn from each other. We brainstormed some initial ideas and concepts that we are both interested in which might could be brought into the rest of the project after we get the object on Wednesday. WE have decided that we are interested in creating an installation which will be used as a set for a fashion photoshoot. Tonight I will start gathering research of artists and other reference materials and Sam has agreed to do some sketches of potential compositions of an installation space. I'm hesitant to put so much time into ideas which will likely change when we get our object on Wednesday.

Reflection 11/07

We were at Kings Cross all day in the museum and the library. In the morning we got our object which was a John Galliano Autumn/Winter 1987  asymmetrical dress. Galliano is one of my favorite creatives, and this dress showed off one of his most notable skills, cutting. The dress was made of one piece of fabric and had unusual sections sewn together to create fabulous drapes and volumes around the dress. I was very interested in that it was roughly made, some of the seams were hand sewn, the boning not hidden and unfinished, stains inside and outside of the dress. It was beautiful. This collection was still fairly early in his career, he graduated CSM in 1984, so he was still a young designer and had just begun to make headlines. I wanted to consume every detail of the dress, this was a rare opportunity to handle something like this so I really scanned every inch. For the rest of the day we were in the library doing some research. Our starting point was tartan, the dress had a plaid/tartan print, a common trend in the late 80s and 90s, think punk/grunge, Sam did not like the look of tartan and neither did I, I think it can sometimes look dull and traditional. But what we did take from the tartan is the symbolism it has of heritage. With that we've developed a concept of merging our two cultures to show how this project is not just a collaboration but also a melding of minds and an experience to get to know and understand someone from a different background. We decided the symbol we have in common is the Star it is on both of our flags, but like Galliano does with the dress we want to deconstruct it and reshape it in a new and unique way. This shows both of our heads coming together, of course we aren't identical we are a combination of something mish-mashed together. Tonight we are going to continue with some research and let the concept simmer and develop, tomorrow I will bring in lots of materials so we can jump right into experimentation. 

Reflection 13/07

Friday. We have worked very hard throughout the day, Sam and I have been collaborating together very well. We have tackled all the work together and have had many mini critiques to make sure that both of us are happy with what is happening. Today was mostly a making day, I sewed the fabric for the Star using a flat fell seam so there are no raw edges, while Sam went to do some experiments with plaster on the wool felt. Later we had a little discussion about the plaster experiments, we hung them up on the moquette and decided that they make the sculpture look too heavy, but it lead us to testing out the tartan print on the moquette which we think looks very strong. It is subtle but visually connects the outcome with the museum object and gives the very abstract deconstructed star shape some more understandable cultural imagery. I think we’ve been told the objects will be presented next to the outcomes so I think side by side they will look very nice and cohesive. This weekend I need to finish the styling developmental work and make the boiler suit. Sam is going to finish drawing on the star. Monday we cut up the star and hang it in the morning and take photos in the afternoon. 

Part 2 Reflection Review

Half way already! Time has gone by so quickly and so much work has been made. I am very happy with the amount of work and time I've put into this course. I think the more you put in the more you get out, and this course is a huge opportunity to be working in one of the best art schools in the world so I want to get a lot out of it. I struggled the most with the Handmade project as I totally missed the point of the brief and was too head strong to pick up on my mistake until the end of the project. I think as a creative director student it is natural to want to put a theme and concept to every project, but Handmade wanted us to revel in the freedom and get messy, the point was to explore and make, which I did but I also paid a lot of attention to the concept and how my making can be applied. Interestingly I have a background in making and I love the making process, getting lost in detail and experimenting, learning how to do something perfectly just so I can break the rules. I love all of this so if I had listened more carefully and asked more questions I could have really learn and grow with that project. Unlike Handmade, I feel like I was in my element during the Co-Create project. I am very independent and I enjoy doing things my way, but when someone is willing to work with me and can go all in I really enjoy working in a team or collaborating. I was very excited about Co-Create from the beginning, my partner Sammy is a fine artist and we melded minds very quickly, he works quite freely and allows the experiments to dictate how a project goes where as I am very structured and like to know where the work is going and how Im going to get to the final outcome. Together we met perfectly in the middle, I learned to compromise and trust. In group work I often will take on all the work to make sure it is up to the standard which I want but it would have been impossible and unfairly to take over during this so I put my trust into Sammy and I think the outcome is greatly successful. I have been coming to Archway since last September and I have slowly learned to love the area. At first it is very gritty and a bit sketchy but as time has gone on Ive noticed all the interesting characters and happenings in the area. For the Celebrating Archway project my location was St.John's Church, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to interact with any of the church's community, but I did observe the area around the church and was inspired by the varied community which doesn't exactly fit in with the typical Evangelical Church demographic so my focus was a satirical take on inclusivity in the church. The Pecha Kucha was something I think was easier for me than others, I have been practicing public speaking for a long time and can articulate about myself and my work well, but in the rare case of poor time management and actually just focusing more on the other projects I dropped the ball oh so slightly on the actual presentation. But it was a great reminder of the expectations of others I have created for myself and that I need to stay aware of all the work that needs to be done. My specialization is communication focused so displaying strong visuals and imagery is a must!! Otherwise the Pecha Kucha reminded me who I, an ambitious and quirky individual interested in people and how we consume media which is good to keep in mind going into Unit 7.